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1800z UV Printer Direct Color Systems

The 1800z: Small-Format UV LED Inkject Printer

Direct Color Systems is the leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial UV LED inkjet printers.

Made in the USA. Distributed Globally.

By Direct Color Systems

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Now with 304mm (12") print width & enhanced throughput over previous models

1800z Product Summary

Our new UV LED printer line is “wider and faster” than the UVMVP series printers and has the ability to print up to 304.8 mm (12 inches) wide. New resolutions will be introduced as well, allowing for faster printing.

The machine’s design takes into consideration years of valuable customer and technician feedback with regard to the UVMVP series printers. With an all new cover design, the 1800z models have a fresh look that mimics that popular 7200z’s design.

Product Highlights

  • Bigger Print Area
  • Print up to 304mm x 610mm (12" x 24")*
  • Z-axis Height Options
  • Models vary with fully adjustable heights to accommodate substrates from 0mm to 102mm (4"), 152mm (6") and 381mm (15") Speed
  • Enhanced throughput over previous models**
  • Inline Printing
  • Print any combination of white, color and clear print head channels simultaneously, inline, in a single pass
  • Repeatability
  • Y-axis absolute positioning accuracy of ±.038mm (0.0015") when utilizing the Y-axis Heavy-Duty Direct Drive Module
  • Stop Wasting Ink
  • Bulk Ink System – Unlike single-use cartridges, this system allows for 100% utilization of available ink
  • White Ink Circulation System – Programmable and automatic circulation of the entire white ink tank and lines

Direct Color Systems 1800z

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