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About TYKMA Electrox – A Step Above Other Laser Marking Manufacturers

Company Timeline

  • 1970’s – Electrox was the first to develop and manufacture a commercial fast axial flow CO2 laser.
  • 1986 – Electrox was acquired by the 600 Group PLC, a leading machine tool manufacturer which operates from a number of locations throughout the world.
  • 1990 – Electrox purchased the laser business of Cincinnati Milacron, extending their technology portfolio into Nd:YAG lasers.
  • 1990’s – Electrox emerges as one of the premier, worldwide direct sale and OEM suppliers of Nd:YAG laser marking systems.
  • 1996 & 97 – Electrox moves into a new facility, doubling their capacity. Electrox is also awarded the UK’s prestigious Queen’s Award for Export Achievement in recognition of doubling their export turnover.
  • 2001 – TYKMA Technologies starts in Chillicothe, OH as a distributor of German manufactured industrial marking technologies.
  • 2000’s – TYKMA focuses its efforts on the in-house development and manufacture of industrial laser marking systems, experiencing rapid growth in the market. Both organizations continue their expansion into international markets.
  • 2015 – A merger is announced between TYKMA and Electrox, following the acquisition of 80% of TYKMA common stock by the 600 Group PLC. TYKMA Electrox establishes worldwide headquarters in a brand new 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Chillicothe, OH.
  • 2016 – TYKMA Electrox is fully integrated as one organization worldwide.

About Us

TYKMA Electrox is a world leading manufacturer of industrial laser systems with combined experience of more than 55 years. We specialize in industrial laser systems for a variety of applications with a focus in laser marking, etching and engraving systems. With US based headquarters, facilities in the UK and Germany and a presence in more than 25 countries, we are well equipped to service thousands of customers worldwide.

As a provider of permanent marking technologies, we have the responsibility to be the industry expert in their specification, design and use. We take our work seriously, and in a consultative style, we work with our customers from the first contact to fully understand their needs.


Production is supported by experienced, product identification industry management, highly qualified engineers, software designers and skilled, factory-trained technical service professionals. Every system we build is fully warranted, designed to exacting international standards and backed by exceptional 24/7 service, training and technical support.

As for our specific systems, we are sure to have the one that best suits your needs. They include:

  • Minilase™ Manual – a USB connection to a laptop or desktop PC is all that is needed to start programming; quickly marks text, barcodes, serial and date codes, graphics and more; micro rotary device included for 360° radial part marking
  • Minilase™ Full-Featured Desktop System – ideal for single or multiple part marking on all metals, carbide, painted or anodized materials and plastics
  • Minilase™Keon – a four-sided collapsible power shroud provides a protected Class 1 marking configuration, and can be switched to a Class 4 workstation for large or irregular part configurations
  • Zetalase™ – an expansive work envelope provides capability for marking a wide array of parts, large or small, light or heavy
  • Zetalase™ XL – features the most expansive work area of our entire product range
  • EMS400 – A full featured system featuring automated focal height adjustment, XY stage and the ability for a fourth axis rotary device for 360 degree circumferential marking.
  • Vereo™ Integration Fiber – A cost effective integration laser with high peak power, fast processing times and maximum application flexibility
  • Scorpion™ Integration Fiber – Our high specification integration laser featuring onboard marking file storage and proprietary galvo control.

Making the Right Choice in Your Permanent Marking Solution

About TYKMA 2Permanent marking can be defined as a process for “lifetime” product identification. This requires markings of a very robust nature to ensure they can withstand the lifetime test. Our products sustain this requirement, as, in our opinion, only embedded forms of marking will work.

This embedded method requires permanency and that can only be achieved by techniques that alter the surface of the material to be marked. While this alteration in some cases could cause surface deformation, it is not necessarily true in all cases.

This is where having an industry expert such as TYKMA Electrox can make the difference between the right or wrong choice of products. TYKMA Electrox helps its customers make the right choice every time.

These choices range from the marking technique to the overall system design. Often, the marking challenge is in the implementation of the right technique to the customer’s process.

Building Relationships With Our Customers

Our customer relationships are of the utmost importance to us. We don’t exist to just sell marking systems; our main focus is on solving complex marking challenges. The identification industry is evolving rapidly, and with little industry education on the subject matter available, we strive to fill that gap.

Together with our nationwide sales network and growing base of international distributors, TYKMA Electrox is dedicated to providing durable, high-quality, cost-effective solutions to your product identification needs.

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