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7200z UV Printer Direct Color Systems

The 7200z: A True Production Center UV Printer

Direct Color Systems is the leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial UV LED inkjet printers.

Made in the USA. Distributed Globally.

By Direct Color Systems

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With print speeds up to 29.7 m2/hr // 320 ft2/hr and a printable area of 600mm x 1,200mm // 23.8”1 x 48”, the 7200z is a TRUE Production Center and features optional accessories and modules like:

Features: 7200z UV LED Benefits

  • Pallet Shuttle System for automated and continuous printing
  • EasyCyl 7200 – Cylindrical printing
  • EasyRoll 7200 – Roll-to-roll printing
  • Patent pending ADA-Compliant/Braille Signage printing


  • Automated and continuous printing available with the Pallet Shuttle System
  • Vacuum table option available
  • Automated URL design, eCommerce, & download to RIP option
  • Two individually controlled, air-cooled, UV LED lamps and 10 ink channels (C, M, Y, K, CI, CI, Wh, Wh, Wh, Wh) combine to enhance print speed
  • Mobile touch screen pendants allow users to operate printer from multiple points


  • TEXTUR3D™ 3-dimensional prints for a unique look and feel, plus standard flat prints
  • Patent pending ADA-compliant/Braille signage option2
  • Cylindrical & conical3 object printing made easy with the EasyCyl 7200 attachment
  • Roll-to-roll printing available with the EasyRoll 7200 attachment
  • Models vary with fully adjustable heights to accommodate substrates from 0 to 15cm // 0 to 6" (7200z15) and 0 to 30cm // 0 to 12" (7200z30)
  • Print on wood, metals, ceramic tiles, plastics, glass, industrial parts, promotional products and so much more!4
  • The included Color Byte RIP 10 software integrates seamlessly with industry-standard design programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Color Byte Front End, CorelDRAW)


  • Industry leading Y-axis absolute positioning accuracy and repeatability of ±0.038mm// ±0.0015"
  • Precision Dot Control™ provides industry leading print quality
  • White Ink Circulation System - Programmable and automatic circulation of the entire white ink tank and lines
  • Bulk Ink System™ - This system allows for 100% utilization of available ink, unlike single-use cartridges

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