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Kern Micro

CO2 Laser Cutter

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KERN Micro Laser

LaserCell Laser Cutter Machine

Kern’s entry-level MICRO laser system features a small format work area. Still, it can be equipped with the same powerful CO2 lasers as our large format models. The MICRO comes standard with high-speed engraving technology and a moving Y-axis bed for fast, accurate vector cutting. The MICRO laser system is a flexible laser solution, requiring minimal floor space in your facility.

The Pipe Rotary, K-Vision Camera, and Metal Cutting options are compatible with the entire LaserCell lineup.

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improved vacuum table


High-speed servo motors are installed on both axes resulting in smooth cut radiuses, quick acceleration rates and accurate part processing.

servo motors


CO2 lasers from 100-200 watts can be installed on the OptiDual model. The OptiDual is equipped with two separate laser sources, doubling the systems throughput capability. Kern’s LightWAVE laser sources are made in the USA.

class 1 laser enclosure


The MICRO is built around a precision-machined, heavy-duty steel weldment as the machine base. The one-piece weldment allows for the machine to arrive fully assembled, greatly reducing installation time.

laser software


A vacuum blower package removes fumes and small debris created during laser processing. An integrated downdraft table holds material secure to the table as it is being processed. All hoses and hardware between the laser system and blower are included.

fibercell side access panel


A closed-loop chilling unit properly cools the laser source during operation. This level of temperature control ensures a long laser lifetime and consistent cutting and engraving results.

fibercell side access panel


A high-performance computer and monitor package is included with each system. KCAM laser software, CorelDRAW® and an easy-to-use PDF converter are pre-installed on the computer.


Micro Work Area Options

LaserCell is available in one size

24" x 24"

LaserCell 24 x 24 inch Work Area

48" x 24"

LaserCell 48 x 24 inch Work Area

MICRO CO2 Laser Source Wattages

100 watt co2 laser 150 watt co2 laser 200 watt co2 laser 250 watt co2 laser 400 watt co2 laser

Standard Features

The following features come standard with the MICRO laser system:

  • USA-Made Metal Cavity Laser Sources
  • High-Speed Servo Motion Package
  • Closed Loop Chiller
  • Vacuum Blower Package with Integrated Vacuum Table
  • High-Performance Computer and LCD Monitor
  • KCAM Laser Software
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite with PDF Exporter Tool
  • UL Certified Electrical Panel
  • Solid Steel Chassis
  • 2.5" S-Focus Optics Assembly
  • Laser Tool Kit
  • Two Pairs of Laser Safety Glasses and Laser Room Sign
  • 2 Days of In-House Training at Kern
  • Online Video Training Library

LaserCell Optional Features

The following features are optional add-ons to the MICRO CO2 laser:

  • Metal Cutting Option
  • K-Vision Camera Registration
  • Rotary Device
  • Fume Extraction Filter System
  • 1.5", 5" and 7.5" FL Optic Assemblies
  • PhotoGRAV Software
  • On-Site Installation and Training
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