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Epilog Fusion Edge Laser Series Group

Fusion Galvo Laser Series

By Epilog Laser

Epilog’s galvo fiber metal marking laser machine combines incredible speeds with sophisticated camera positioning technology.


The Epilog Fusion Galvo fiber lasers have become an essential tool in various industries due to their high precision, efficiency, and low-maintenance. These lasers use a combination of galvo mirrors and fiber optics to deliver a focused beam of light, which can be directed precisely at the desired target very quickly. The Fusion G100 fiber laser is ideal for use in a wide range of applications, from ID marking and serializing to decorative engraving and marking. Bring an Epilog G100 galvo fiber laser into your shop, and see how quickly it becomes the most essential tool to your profits and business success.

The Fusion Galvo by Epilog Laser combines fast engraving of metals with quick and efficient project setup. This innovative laser machine produces a variety of marks on metal, including deep engraving, polished white marks, and deep black annealed etching. Project setup is fast and easy using Epilog’s Laser Dashboard and artwork placement is exceptionally precise thanks to the IRIS™ camera system. The Fusion Galvo features an exceptionally user-friendly interface and uses high-quality parts and components, giving you unbeatable metal etching results at record breaking speeds.

Fusion G100 - Fiber
Included Lenses F163 and F254 Lens
Work Area 4" x 4" (101 x 101 mm) - F163 Lens
6" x 6" (152 x 152 mm) - F254 Lens
Max. Material Thickness 10" (254 mm) - F163 Lens
6" (152 mm) - F254 Lens
Laser Source Fiber, air-cooled, 1064nm
CO2 30-watt pulsed, 30-watt MOPA, or 60-watt MOPA fiber configurations
IRIS™ Cameras 2 Overhead

Standout Galvo G100 Features


No Complicated Programming Involved

Design your project in almost any software program – AutoCAD, Bartender, even Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. Just print your file to Epilog’s Laser Dashboard, position your artwork with the IRIS™ camera, and choose your settings to start engraving. Do you need to run multiple hatch patterns on a single metal? No problem – just click a button and incorporate each of your additional patterns. Need additional engraving cycles? It’s as simple as entering the number of engraving passes in our easy-to-use software.

Two Lenses, Two Cameras, Two Field Choices

The Fusion Galvo includes both F163 and F254 lenses to move seamlessly between a 4” x 4” (101.6 x 101.6 mm) and 6” x 6” (152.4 x 152.4 mm) engraving area. Two cameras above the engraving field automatically adjust for the installed lens, providing you with more choices for how you can achieve the perfect engraving results that area accurately positioned every time.

fusion g100 included lenses
automated door in open position

Automated Door for Quick Changing of Parts

The automated mechanical door of the Fusion Galvo automatically lowers when a job is started and raises when complete to make switching of parts quick and easy. Your laser operator will spend less time at the control panel, increasing throughput when engraving multiple parts.

Accurate Camera Positioning of Your Artwork

Spend less time aligning your artwork with the Fusion Galvo’s IRIS™ Camera. Two cameras located above the work area allow you to position your graphics perfectly on even the most uniquely shaped items. Drag and drop your artwork on screen, choose your engraving settings, and send the file to the laser in seconds.

fusion g100 included lenses

Features & Machine Design Enhancements

  • Variable Work Area: 4"x4" and 6"x6"
  • Two Lenses Included
  • Automated Mechanical Door
  • Software Versatility
  • Design While the Laser Is Operating
  • IRIS™ Camera Positioning
  • Job Trace Preview
  • Touch Screen at the Laser
  • Network Your Laser Across Your Business
  • Multiple Files at the Galvo
  • Memory in the Machine
  • Red Dot and Auto Focus
  • Integrated Exhaust Controller
  • Engineered & Manufactured in the USA

Metal & Plastic Marking Applications

laser marked tool wrench
ar 15 lower with deep engraving

Material Compatibility

With the Fusion Galvo, engrave and mark a wide array of metals and engineered plastics.

17-4 PH stainless steel 303 stainless 4043 steel 6061 Aluminum
ABS (white/black) Aluminum, 6061 Aluminum, yellow chromate Bayer 2807 Makrolon polycarbonate
Bayers bayblend FR110 Black/white ABS Black/white polycarbonate Brass
Brushed aluminum Carbon nanotube Ceramics, metal-plated Clear coat anodized aluminum
Cobalt chrome steel Colored delrin (black/brown) Compacted powder iron with phosphate coating Copper
DAP – Diallyl Phthalate Delrin, colored (black/brown) GE Plastics polycarbonate resin 121-R Glass filled PEEK
Glass filled Teflon Hard coat anodized aluminum Inconel metals (various) Machine tool steel
Magnesium Metal-plated ceramics Molybdenum Nickel plated 1215 mild steel
Nickel plated brass Nickel plated gold Nickel plated Kovar Nickel plated steel
Nylon PEEK, white Polybutylene Terephthalate Polycarbonate (black/white)
Polycarbonate resin 121-R, GE Plastics Polycarbonate, Bayer 2807 Makrolon Polysulphone Rynite PET
Santoprene Silicon carbide Silicon steel Silicone wafers
Stainless steel 303 Stainless steel 17-4 PH Steel 4043 Steel, machine tool
Various inconel metals (nickel-chromium super alloys) White PEEK Yellow chromate aluminum Zinc plated mild steel
And Many More!

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Material Testing

Technical Specifications - Fusion G100 Galvo

Work Area:
F163: 4" x 4" (101 x 101 mm) F254: 6" x 6" (152 x 152 mm)
Material Thickness:
F163: 10" (254 mm) F254: 6" (152 mm)
Laser Source:
Fiber, air-cooled, 1064nm
Laser Source Wattages:
30-watt pulsed, 30-watt MOPA, or 60-watt MOPA fiber configurations
IRIS™ Camera System:
2 overhead
Software Compatibility:
Works with most Windows-based CAD and design software
Wireless Connectivity:
Included Lenses:
F163 and F254 lens
Fully-flexible & user-controlled from 75 – 1200 dpi
Print Driver & Software:
Laser Dashboard™, Epilog Job Manager™
Internal Memory:
Store multiple files up to 1 GB. Engrave any file size.
Super-Silent Cooling Fans:
Job Trace:
Auto Focus:
Touch Screen:
Size (W x D x H):
28" x 23" x 31" (door closed) 37" height (door open)
711mm x 584mm x 787mm / 940mm
131 lbs (59.5 kg)
Auto-switching 110 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase, 15 amp AC
450-650 CFM (764-1104 m3/hr)
Class 2 Laser Product – 1 mW cW MAXIMUM 600-700nm
Innovative Cutting Systems
Epilog Laser, TYKMA Electrox, KERN, BOFA & Purex Extractors, Direct Color Systems
Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, Montana, and Idaho
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