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Virtus TYKMA YAG Fiber Integration Laser

Virtus™ Laser Marker

By TYKMA Electrox

Our OEM, integration YVO4 (Vanadate) laser. Vanadate lasers provide maximum application flexibility with significant advantages over YAG lasers in overall reliability and performance.

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Virtus™ Laser Marker

Our OEM Virtus™ offers an extended life and the latest, advanced features in the laser marking industry. Available in a 10 or 20 watt configuration, Virtus™ carries a three year diode warranty and is ideal for marking all metals and most plastics; electronic components and annealing medical/surgical implants and devices.

The laser control system is packaged within a slim, 19” rack mount footprint containing advanced features for monitoring and control. Dual-temperature controls provide longer diode life and are covered by an extended, three-year warranty. Virtus™ also features real-time laser parameter status feedback and enhanced communication capabilities.

System Features

  • Compact 19″ Rack-Mount Control Box Configuration
  • Air-Cooled, Solid State Design with Dual Temperature Control for Extended Life
  • Control of up to Four External Axes and Mark on the Fly Capability
  • Auto-diagnostic / Advanced Monitoring Features for Real-Time Feedback
  • Advanced Communication Capability including Discreet I/O, Ethernet, and RS232
  • Available as an OEM System or Custom-Engineered Enclosures
  • Three-Year Warranty (Diode Only), Two-Year System Warranty

Technical Specifications

Nominal Power 10W or 20W
Wavelength 1064nm
Input Voltage 110 – 240VAC 50/60Hz
Frequency Range 10 – 200kHz (10W)
20 – 200kHz (20W)
Pulsewidth 15ns (10W)
8ns (20W)
Aiming Beam Class 2M Red Diode 635nm
Communications Ethernet / RS232 /
Discreet I/O
Warranty (nm) 24 Month (System) / 36 Month(Diode Pack)
Fiber Cable Length 3m Standard
Laser Source DPSS Vanadate (YVO4)
Emission Radiation Pulsed
Temperature Range Operative 50°F to 95°F
Cooling Air Cooled
Resonator Dimensions 114 x 125 x 448 mm
Resonator Weight 22 lbs
Rack Dimensions 499 x 437 x 87 mm
Rack Weight 26.5 lbs
Available Lens Configurations 160 mm (S) – 100 x 100mm
254mm (S) – 140 x 140mm
254mm (L) – 165 x 165mm
330mm (L) – 220 x 220mm

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