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Epilog Fusion FiberMark Laser Series Group

Epilog Fiber Laser Systems

By Epilog Laser

Epilog's premium top-of-the-line engraving and cutting systems..

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Epilog Fiber Laser AccessoriesHigh-Quality Features

fibermark fusion 3 jaw chuck rotary

3-Jaw Chuck Rotary Attachment

Easily engrave cylindrical shaped items.

When you're looking for highly-accurate marking of cylindrical parts, the 3-Jaw Chuck is the ideal choice. The Rotary Attachment is an indispensable tool that allows designers and manufactures to mark cylindrical parts, pieces and components more conveniently than ever before.

Fully programmable for a wide variety of diameters, the 3-Jaw Chuck can accommodate a significant range of material sizes. Additionally, the available tail-stock support fixture ensures correct focus on longer items.

fibermark fusion 3 jaw chuck rotary

Rim-Drive Rotary

For engraving items that accommodates different part sizes.

Epilog's Rim-style rotary attachment will ensure all of your parts receive a professional mark that meets the highest standards. Great for marking cylindrical items, place your item on the two rim-style wheels and start engraving.

Designed for usability, you can switch from item to the next in seconds. the attachment easily adjusts for different lengths and will even rotate cylinders that have different diameters on each end.

Optional Lenses

1.5- and 5-inch lenses are ideal for marking at different resolutions and on uniquely-shaped items.

Epilog's FiberMark system comes with a standard 3-inch focus lens (FiberMark 24) and 5-inch (FiberMark Fusion). This will suffice for most metal/plastic marking application. However, users will find some applications require our more specialized 1.5- and 5- inch lenses.

1.5" Lens:

  • Provides an additional 1.5" of z-axis clearance for both engraving flat stock and for rotary use.
  • 1.5" lens also has a smaller spot size and provides excellent detailed engraving for smaller text and artwork.

5.0" Lens:

  • Offers more depth of field than our standard 3.0" lens on the FiberMark 24. Amount of depth of field will vary depending on the material, wattage and type of mark desired.
  • Provides consistent engraving/marking on curved surfaces or slightly bowed surfaces.
  • Excellent for engraving on the inside/bottom surface of an item (bowl, box, tooling) up to 5" tall.

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